It reminds me of the old-school AOL chat rooms

It reminds me of the old-school AOL chat rooms

It reminds me of the old-school AOL chat rooms

Lots of weird, fun, interesting people out there, but with just enough of a sexual undertone to give it a bad reputation

Just heard about Chatroulette last week. It was featured on a very popular Boston sports/pop culture/smut blog, barstoolsports. Hilarious, and these posts totally show the power/weirdness going on with Chatroulette.

That may be true, but the content is generally pretty funny, and they justlaunched a NY based site that is actually funnier and better written thanthe Boston site.

I agree with those who write that chatroulette has huge potential and will probably just keep going. Haven’t used it myself and am just thinking out loud here, but what I found interesting in the barstoolsports links, above, is that the reporter constantly writes, “don’t next me! don’t next me!” He really has to work at keeping his “partners” interested, even if it’s only so they’ll insult him.IOW, it strikes me that it’s not just the chance aspect, the strangers, the weirdness of the content that’s salient. It’s the rapidity, the ever-increasing diminution of contact, the idea of getting “nexted” before you can even say anything, that speaks to what’s human here. Don’t hit the delete button. Don’t next me! ;-)Is the technology bringing us closer, or is it also making it easier to next the next guy?

Fred – still interested on your thoughts about Buzz, and I’m sure the AVC party has plenty to say, too. Gathering up your thoughts for another day?

This is a very cool perspective – thanks for posting. My impression of chatroulette was that it was all deviants, but it may be a tapestry of the Internet at-large.They e thing, which is even more interesting!

I like the essence of it. escort Columbus Connecting us to new random people *instantly*. The greatest benefit I’ve gotten out of blogging+social networking is meeting new people. The meeting part is what comes hardest. It takes someone reaching out to engage in conversation after I make a lengthy post in order for that to happen. I wish I could enter in my “interests” and start talking with one new person per day that shared those interests. That’s pretty powerful to – “friending” != meeting. I have a lot of random “friends” on facebook for business that I’m sure are interesting, but I’ve never “met” them.

What would be useful is to categorize by topics so that you tend to meet people with more similar interests. For me, I would frequent the “40 Year Old Dude Feeling Really Old Now” group.Similar blog post about Chatroulette:

Don’t taze me, bro

I could swear these services were around for years…I think the number of people doing video chat might have reached critical mass with built-in video, and for whatever reason it just achieved memeness and mainstreamness.might be porn as usual out there on the leading edge of technology, or might just be a fad… somehow got old enough to not know the difference anymore – need to ask kids LOL.

every mac laptop comes with a built in webcam. maybe all laptops do. i don’t know because i haven’t bought anything other than a mac laptop in years

adventures of Gustaf the human skull on chatroulette – some more funny stuff on thereit is indeed odd that there was random chat for a long time, and video chat, but no one mashed them up like thiscan’t wait for the Simpsons, South Park and insult comics to get a hold of this

We all look at car crashes, don’t we, Mr. Parker? The question is why do we look, and what do we see.

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