Batman and Superman then stopped the threat of the Pi-Meson Man

Batman and Superman then stopped the threat of the Pi-Meson Man

Batman and Superman then stopped the threat of the Pi-Meson Man

Last Adventures

[322] When Clayface returned and kidnapped Lois Lane, Superman and Batman used the oldest of their tricks and switched identities to confuse the criminal and stop his mad plan. [323] Batman and Superman then stopped Metallo, who had escaped from Superman Island and started a crime wave using a black hole. [324] When several weapons were stolen from the Fortress of Solitude, [325] Batman and Superman investigated and came in conflict with the intergalactic villain called Weapon Master. [326] When Superman was captured by the Weapon Master, Batman used one of Superman’s machines to save his friend, but in the end the Weapon Master escaped. [327] After this, the heroes worked together to stop Mister Freeze from altering the weather in both their cities. [328] Batman and Superman then stop the threat of a lethal plague. [329] The heroes then assisted Hawkman (Katar) to restore peace in Thanagar. [330] Afterwards, Batman and Superman confronted and stopped General Scarr’s Army of Crime. [331] [332] [333]

Batman and Superman were then threatened by a mystical being [334] and Batman was possessed by a dark entity [335] and taken away to Madame Zodiac’s lair. [336] Superman searched all over the world and eventually found Batman. The Man of Steel helped Batman overcome the possession and with unexpected help from Dr. Zodiac, the heroes managed to defeat Madame Zodiac and the Dark Entity. [337] Later, they stopped the powerful duo called Null and Void [338] [339] and finally, they stopped the threat of Chronos [340] before they decided to go their separate ways. [341]

Super-Hero Team-Ups

Batman started collaborating with different heroes; most of them part of the Justice League of America, a team in which Batman was a member. The first team-up happened when the criminal known as The Time Commander impersonated Batman and attacked Gotham City. Batman asked Green Lantern’s help and together they stopped the Time Commander [342] twice. [343] Shortly after, Batman was reunited with Marcia Monroe, a former lover who had vanished years ago without an explanation. Batman helped Marcia capture the super-villain Eclipso, but afterwards, Marcia left again without a trace. [344] Later, Batman teamed-up with The Flash and together they captured the Speed Boys gang that worked in Gotham City. [345] When the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler worked together against Batman, he sought the help of Metamorpho and together they captured the evil trio. [346] When Batman’s identity was almost revealed by The Collector, he asked Hawkman’s assistance to stop the criminal. [347]

Batman was later joined by Green Arrow on a mission to help a Native American, who was victim of a complot against him. [348] Shortly after this, a robot convention was held at Gotham City, but it was all part of a plot by an evil scientist to use robots to perform crimes. Batman teamed up with the Metal Men in order to stop the hordes of crazed robots and capture the criminal responsible. [349] When the supernatural villain called Shahn-Zi attacked Gotham’s Chinatown, Batman teamed-up with the Spectre in order to stop the foe from achieving his ultimate goal. [350] Next, Batman teamed up with Plastic Man in order to stop the Molder from destroying Gotham. [351] Following this, Batman worked together with the Atom to capture a crook known as the Cannoneer. [352]

Shortly after this, Batman prepared a trap for the “sneaky” villain known as Copperhead. Batman asked Batgirl and Wonder Woman to pretend to be in love with him in order to lure Copperhead into a trap. The plan backfired, but soon the trio worked together to capture Copperhead and recover the stolen loot. [353] After this, Batman learned of the existence of Deadman and decided to help the ghostly avenger to find his killer, but in the process, Batman confronted Max Chill, the brother of his parents’ assassin. [354] Batman then teamed-up with The Creeper, in those days a wanted criminal, in order to stop Hellgrammite. [355] Next, Batman saved Aquaman from a hypnosis trance and they worked together to stop Ocean Master, who was responsible for Aquaman’s trace and a criminal ring in Gotham City. [356]

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