After reading more comments here it looks like the Trojan Magnum might be a good place to start?

After reading more comments here it looks like the Trojan Magnum might be a good place to start?

After reading more comments here it looks like the Trojan Magnum might be a good place to start?

yep, Magnum is a good place to start. 56mm width might also be OK (little bit tighter), there are several options in the chart. finally, there’s a female condom and a custom fit condom (TheyFit)

Hi, my brother is very shy and his gf said he either needs to find a glove or he gets no love and he finally confided in me and trust me I was shocked but I’m lesbian so I honestly have no experience with condoms so I had no clue what to tell him but awkwardly we did his measurements and he is 13.5 in, length and he was 5.8 in girth. Obviously I was slightly freaked out cause his gf is extremely tiny woman but I promised I’d help him figure out what he needs to buy.

Hey im 16 and I was wondering what size for 7.9inch length and 5.6-7 circumference I have no idea what to buy help?:)

60 mm condom width should best. durex xl, magnum xl and trustex xl are close to that (58 mm) so that’s an option if you can’t order online

5 inch long penis and a circumference of 5 inches so what would I fall under for condom size I should get?

Hi I am 16 years old, and I have tried many different condoms but none seem to work. I know length isn’t really important but it is around 6.2 inches long give or take. My girth, however, is 142-146mm (keeps changing each time I measured it. What condom should I use? Thanks so much

have you tried any from the large size section? you have an above average girth, find a condom with at least 58mm width (minimum). I can point out a few suggestions if you can order from abroad…

I’ve had a hard time finding a condom that fits perfect. I have a somewhat average length penis but very thick. All the buddygays regular condoms are uncomfortable and squeeze too much. I tried trojan magnum and Durex Pleasuremax. They both fit comfortably and snug at the tip and but still too tight at the bottom. Tried Magnum XL and it fits nearly perfect however it’s not completely rolled down due to the long length of the condom. My penis is about 7.5 long. Thinking about trying trustex xl and vivid large anyone else have this problem where only XL condoms fit comfortably but are too long? lol

Either im and idiot who cant read or your condom graph is confusing (my bets on me being incompetent or lazy) but I have a 6

yes, this is pretty common. if it bothers you that you cannot roll out a condom all the way then try out a custom fit condom. btw, vivid large has been discontinued, but trustex xl is still available

look at the difference between the measurement they write for the XL’s base width in the text, and then again in the picture.. it’s confusing.

Probably depends on sexual activity, arousal and blah blah) let’s just say the girth is 142mm since it can probably stretch into 146mm

Hey I’ve bought a large condom trail pack, with 18 different large condoms. My Base at the very bottom is 6?, then roughly 1cm up is 5.5? then the shaft is 5?, and the tip is about 4.5?. I thought it was 8.1? but measured it correctly recently and it is 7.5?/7.75?. I’ve tried Magnum XL’s and they’ve felt great. Bit of headroom but that’s okay, isn’t it? I wanted to ask is the base for the XL’s 54mm or 58mm, because there’s been a lot of good websites saying they’re one or the other. I’ve also tried MySize condoms. I’ve tried 60mm, 64mm, and 69mm ones. the 69mm one was far too big. the 64mm one was grand, it was a loose fit but it didn’t come off when i was w**king with it on to test it out. It was comfortable but it wasn’t tight.. the 60mm ones was smoothly wrapped on. I was thinking tho, could I get away with the 64mm? It stayed about 1-1.5cm from my base (thickest part) with those ones which i was concerned about, but it never came off.. what do you think? I would really appriciate the advice.

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