The guy in addition to mentions that ransom money questioned by the kidnapper is ten times greater than the greatest ever before registered

The guy in addition to mentions that ransom money questioned by the kidnapper is ten times greater than the greatest ever before registered

The guy in addition to mentions that ransom money questioned by the kidnapper is ten times greater than the greatest ever before registered

Shinichi remembers watching Mt Fuji and the ocean regarding the kidnapper’s space

Police inspector Tokura installs a tool to listen for the Gondo’s mobile and you will tells him one to saving the little one is actually their priority. At the same time chaffeur Aoki, a great widower, was seated quietly, devastated. The fresh kidnapper calls again and admits his mistake yet still needs the bucks. Gondo try shocked that someone wishes him to spend an astronomical amount of cash for an individual else’s kid. The guy will not shell out. Their spouse Reiko try inclined to spend, however, Kawanishi reminds the lady that Gondo mortgaged what you: when the the guy pays the latest ransom money instead of getting command over the new firm, the guy and his family members could be damaged. Gondo finishes Kawanishi of traveling to Osaka and you can spends the night considering it.

Am he has would not spend but their spouse Reiko pleads him to spend because she can’t incur Aoki’s sadness. Their partner, brand new daughter regarding rich parents who’s constantly stayed in deluxe, swears one she doesn’t mind living in impoverishment. Gondo, which rather try a negative shoemaker, does not faith the lady plus in any case the guy does not want to condemn his kid to help you a lifetime of impoverishment. However, Kawanishi changed his mind also: he informs Gondo that individuals stop to purchase their sneakers after the newest click describe him given that a greedy rich guy whom assist a child pass away. Gondo are astonished from the Kawanishi’s the brand new viewpoint and you can accuses him out of conspiring against him. Kawanishi confesses which he has informed Baba’s category and the chairman off Gondo’s plan to take over.

He performed so since his personal future was at the hands out-of Gondo: in the event that Gondo will pay the fresh ransom money and you will fails, Kawanishi fails also. It�s secure getting him in order to friend that have Gondo’s opponents, right after which encourage Gondo so you’re able to fail the real deal. The authorities inspector ‘s the one to-side having Gondo. The guy requires him to inform new kidnapper which he pays, however, just so they agree on a conference place and let the cops to capture the newest kidnapper. The newest kidnapper says to him to get the cash in 2 briefcases and take a subway. Brand new policemen board the fresh show with him, ready to catch this new kidnapper from the any type of route they meet, although kidnapper shows Gondo to help you place new briefcases in the window of show when passing a link.

The new kidnappers treks out for the briefcases

It is impossible to cease the latest show. New police can just only build a video clip of scene. Shinichi comes out, and you will inspector Tokura, exactly who now admires Gondo, swears he have a tendency to hook the new kidnapper. Predicated on a call where the kidnapper mentioned that he could discover Gondo’s hilltop property about city, the latest police talk about the town locate a place where in fact the kidnapper have spied obviously to your house. The digital camera makes them and you can uses a young boy which strolls for the a narrow alley and comes into a slim place. He opens new newspaper to read through the details of your own kidnapping. He turns on the air and you can hears an excellent commentator hailing Gondo just like the a hero.

Meanwhile, the fresh cops interrogate a farmer and you can choose the sort of car that the kidnapper drove. The new cops restrict the region. Since the Shinichi remembers the smell regarding ether, the brand new police stop your kidnapper must be possibly a health care provider, an effective pharmacist otherwise a health student. The auto are defined as a taken auto and discovered abandoned. The public eagerly collaborates towards study because of the outpour away from empathy having Gondo, and one individual informs law enforcement out-of a man operating a great auto which have a son sporting a good cowboy hat on the right back seat. Brand new creditors do not have mercy even though and you may prepare yourself to grab his assets if he will not return what he lent.

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