No relationship, just casual sex, no strings attached

No relationship, just casual sex, no strings attached

No relationship, just casual sex, no strings attached

This never happens though and he seems to forget about her. That is until one drunken night, when he accidentally drunk messages her. The next morning he wakes up on her couch, unsure of what happened or how he got there. When he goes into her room to ask her what’s going on, she explains the situation and the two quickly find themselves in bed and between the sheets.

Confused as to where to go next, Emma suggests that they just keep it simple. Adam agrees because, well, who would turn that down? As the two try to keep it simple and hold back on anything serious, Adam starts to realize that he’s developing feelings for Emmaplications arise and the two struggle to figure out if any relationship can ever be just about the sex.

So as you can tell, it’s one of those cutesy romantic comedies with a general story that we’ve more or less seen a bunch of times already. But surprisingly, it’s more enjoyable than most films of this nature. Being a guy, I was almost dreading seeing this but I actually came out of it generally pleased and with mainly positive feelings towards the film.

The smart and sexy script keeps things feeling fresh and moving at a great pace

Part of what makes the film work so well is the two lead performances. Kutcher provides the same performance he usually does, which is one that is funny and undeniably watchable. He’s got a charisma to him that makes it hard for you not to enjoy his acting. His good hearted character also feels pretty relatable, which helps to engage audiences. Kutcher’s arrogance and swag from Spread are gone and in there place is an air of vulnerability and shyness, which is a welcome change.

Opposite Kutcher is Portman, an actress that you shouldn’t need any convincing of when it comes to her beauty and talents. Not only is she easy on the eyes, but she turns Emma into a likeable, adorable girl who we’d all be happy to be with. Portman is just as captivating here as she was in her role of Nina in Black Swan. Together, Kutcher and Portman exude strong chemistry that makes it hard not to fall for them as a couple, leaving you rooting for them the whole way.

It’s often witty and sharp. Almost every scene is full of genuinely funny moments/lines and an excellent supporting cast (Greta Gerwig, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Kline, Ludacris and more) keeps the smile on your face, all offering raunchy and witty banter.

Now problems do arise, especially with the finale, which dives into a predictable and very sappy area. The film also does feel a bit contrived at times and you’ll find youself in familiar territory on more than a few instances. And it’s a shame, because for a while it seems like the film is going to sidestep those issues that plauge most romantic comedies. For a while it feels fresh and new. But by the end, we’ve entered cliche city and it does hurts the film. Lastly, Emma’s character is a bit underdeveloped, which is in no part Portman’s fault, rather its due to some weak scripting in that regard. These problems are only minor hiccups though in what is otherwise an above average romantic comedy.

She’s funny, smart, sexy and oh did I mention beautiful?

While it’s not without problems, No Strings Attached is a romantic comedy worth watching, and that’s saying a lot. Every member of the cast lights up the screen with humor and charm and there are a lot of genuinely funny moments. A sappy ending and some predictable narrative choices weigh things down but ultimately, director Ivan Reitman comes up with one of his best films in years. It’s a witty, watchable and raunchy comedy that gives both Kutcher and Portman a chance to shine and show off their comedic talents. More importantly, it’s worth a watch for both girls and guys. A smart and sexy romantic comedy that can truly be enjoyed by both genders.

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