I love myself, and I work hard at it

I love myself, and I work hard at it

I love myself, and I work hard at it

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

.. therefore I work hard to earn my own love. I am flawed, and I especially love the flaws in others. I need to love my own.

I think I’ve written before on my extreme closeted nature. Bad experiences with Vanillas who thought that being with someone like me would be hot … but homeboys couldn’t hang and I always…

If you are interested in the specifics, you can read all about that in my Blog, the link is in my profile.

His Honor and I have been doing everything we can to find lifestyle community here. That includes responding to people who reach out to us on Fetlife.

So … a couple of weeks ago a little homeboy here in this town reached out to me and this is what he said:

I make a good slave i am willing to try anything and i love having women sit on my face and fuk me degrade me

MrNiceGuy81: You are so pretty how are you doing today? I just moved to [city redacted] maybe we can be friends:) we have alot in common!

Normally, maybe I’d ignore. But, sometimes we just get desperate to kick it with people like us in this shitty suburb. So … I wrote back.

I am very wordy (if you haven’t noticed by now) and so I will summarize: Talk to my Master, he is linked on my profile. We’d like to kick it with you, we have gatherings periodically … blah blah blah.

I ignored my instincts to shuffle him off to poserland with his shitty grammar and ability to string together a coherent sentence.

MrNiceGuy: I am kind of new and discovering this new lifestyle. Can u talk to your master or have anyone to train me? [sic all phrasing]

Well well well, Himself is a trainer. Former Pro-Dom and all. He wants to be my slave? We have been discussing the possibility of me owning my own secondary.

SO I FUCKING WROTE BACK! (All of these things happened with the discretion of my Master, please note.) I also ignored the fact that he wouldn’t talk to Judgment.

I will nutshell this again, but I told him: I do not fuck around. Don’t waste my time. If you want to be mentored and trained by us, you have to do as we say. There are dangerous things that can happen to slaves in this lifestyle.

I have been wary of this dude, he lists himself as a Master but then tells me that he made the profile before he understood what everything meant. He tells me he’s a switch.

In all honesty, a switch would be a perfect secondary to our dynamic, because Judge could train me to dom and I could train it to sub and it could all be a happy circle. But this dude is clueless.

So we ask him, why he contacted me (us)? What is his goal? Where does he see himself going with this? Blabbity blabbity I am bitter.

MrNiceGuy81: Hmm my end goal? I dont know. I want to make this a part of my lifestyle and have erotic encounters and meet good friends and have a good time. It is hard to find someone to punish me and sit on my face and cum all over me or do things others e for anything. I can be dom or sub.

“Anything? So you will write me a 40 page paper with peer reviewed cites on our lifestyle, dynamics and what it means in the greater context of our culture?”

Duh. It’s the same fucking thing I tell every newb because that’s how I was trained … and I was trained very, very well.

He says to me that he’s not a total newb, that he’s had “encounters”. He just wants someone to play with.

Well, so then. I invited him to come out to lunch with us … and from there maybe go to a kink party with us after we vetted him (Seriously, I’m not going to be responsible for bringing some sort of creep into another person’s play party. You wanna get freaky? This is how it’s going to be.)

MrNiceGuy81: Vetted lol? I could care less about meeting a bunch of old pervs at a munch i just want an attractive woman to play with. Im not interested in fitting in or being part of any inner circle group…but we could def go out and get something to eat and meet up sometime

Fuck you very MUCH you fucking ingrate. You fucking shitstain. You should have been an abortion. I hope you die alone you fucking imbecile and while you are at it learn how to fucking write a coherent sentence you goddamn retarded halfwit.

I showed it to the Judge and he told me not to respond, that he’s a troll and he probably read 50 Shades of Grey.

But I really want to tell him that he’s a poser and he’s going to hurt someone, I want to warn every sub within a 100 mile radius that this fucktard is out there, and he will tie you up and beat you and not know what the fuck he is doing.

I know he didn’t literally call me a perv. I know he thinks I’m just a hot chick who is down to get freaky from time to time.

Well then. Have fun with your life, topping from the bottom … or reading 50 Shades of Grey or where ever else you have heard about this …

It’s about not suffocating someone to death or causing permanent nerve damage. We group up because what we do is dangerous.

Go find a vanilla, and slap her around a bit and get your jollies but stay the fuck away from my life.

I am a person and we have to work to earn the love of those we love

You are a poser, and a danger. And I have healed and nursed people that were victims of your kind all too often.

You think people like me are easy? We are not, we are hard. And when you say “I am a good slave” … no you aren’t … “I’ll do anything” obviously not.

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