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Rosicrucianism is commonly employed for Rosencreuzianism, however it is not the correct way of spelling it

This website is the subdivision to Aarre Lehtonen’s net book known as “blocked Bible School, Aasenappar’s small guide of Bible”, that can be found from under connect:

I’ve facts from the Bible, that We have recommended during my guide named “Aasenappar’s small publication of Bible”, to appropriate statements:

This generated Ervast legitimate as spiritual teacher, who had been capable advise different looking someone

Initial Christian activity is Rosencreuzians, who had been young males, staying in the Ebony Sea coast, as well as were entirely nude. (John 21, Tasks 24: 5, 7, 10.)

Just like an increased among thistles, thus was my really love on the list of dong the woods on the woodland, thus is actually my friend one of the men: I sit in his trace, that we query, with his fruits was nice in my lips

When you look at the Bible’s Old Testament in track of Solomon 2:1,2,3 it is mentioned: “MinA¤ olen Saronin kukkanen, ja kukoistus laaksossa. Niinkuin ruusu orjantappuroissa, niin on armaani tytA¤rten seassa. Niinkuin omenapuu metsA¤puiden seassa, niin on ystA¤vA¤ni poikain seassa: minA¤ istun hA¤nen varjossansa, jota minA¤ anon, ja hA¤nen hedelmA¤nsA¤ on minun suussani makia.” The Finnish code protestant Bible 1776. Direct translation to English: okcupid or eharmony “i’m the rose of Saron, in addition to blooming into the valley. ” very in Song of Solomon, chapter 2, passages 1, 2 and 3 make reference to gay relationships between youthful kids, “thistles” talking about feminine harlots, and “rose” and “apple” discussing a gay child couple.

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