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Last but not least, the directors of this collective volume wish to thank Edurne Arostegui, Ph

None of these contributions aim to close a debate that, despite its relative youth, has so far produced so many insightful remarks and has opened so many useful paths for deepening the comprehension of past and present migratory movements. They are no more than another set of pieces offered in the struggle to better understand the reasons that caused so many people to leave their homes, the way they managed to earn and construct their lives far away, and the tools they used to overcome the difficulties in communication due to the distance.

MOYA , One consequence of these large-scale cultural events was an increased desire to learn more about the men and women who governed the various territories of the Spanish crown during the first centuries of the Modern Age

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The problem of ethnicity in these migratory processes has recently attracted increasing interest in historical studies. Perhaps, then, the time has come to give the natives a chance to tell their version. Furthermore, as Zulaika suggests, the Basques living outside their homeland may be just as essential to the history of these provinces as any other element.

To begin with, we believe that the migratory movements of the Basque people within their historic context gave rise to a migratory culture with its own religious identity, maxims and rules for peaceful coexistence, models of virtue, educational initiatives, iconography and sacred sites.

The key importance of historical figures: the long shadow of Julio Caro Baroja The late arrival in Spain of the historiographical revolution of the twentieth century meant that, during the s, historical studies were still largely dominated or influenced by economic and social history, the emergence of local studies, a strong continuation of the positivist tradition and a worrying degree of thematic fragmentation.

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